Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to identify reliable essay writing services?

Before hiring an online writing service, you should learn how to make a difference between reliable websites and scams. There are new “companies” that appear in this industry on a daily basis, but not all of them offer the assistance students need. The following tips will help you make an informed decision:

1. If your friends have purchased a paper online before, you can ask for their essay writing services recommendations. Not all students are willing to reveal the fact that they didn’t write the awesome papers they submitted, but some of your closest friends might be willing to share the wisdom.

2. An essay writing services forum is another great place to search for recommendations. However, you should be aware of the fact that not all information featured on these forums is trustworthy. Some members are paid to promote particular companies and trash others with false reviews. If you have experience with writing services, you should consider becoming a member of such a forum and sharing your own tips, recommendations and warnings with the other users.

3. You can only trust a service that guarantees your right to free revisions! No matter how knowledgeable your writer is, you may want some parts of the paper to be amended. You should get this service for free.

4. The service you choose must implement the essay writing format you request. Some companies will gladly format and reference the paper according to your instructions, but others will simply neglect these requirements. Make sure that the company you choose offers different citation styles before ordering your paper at its website.

5. A reliable custom-writing service is not solely concerned about attracting customers and taking their money in return for academic products. If the website offers valuable essay writing tips on different types of assignments, then you can be sure that the writers are willing to share their experience for the benefit of students.

6. When you order a paper online, you should be able to contact the writer directly. If you notice that the writer doesn’t respond to your messages, you should cancel the order as soon as possible. All 5 custom-writing services reviewed above enable their customers to communicate and collaborate with the writers they assign to their orders. This feature is important not only because you will need to check how the project makes progress, but also because you can use the opportunity to get practical essay writing tips from a real expert.

7. Make sure that you can contact the customer support 24/7. You never know when you might need assistance, so it is always wise to choose a service that will immediately answer your inquiries at any time.

8. Honest essay writing services recommendations are really important. Don’t despair if you can’t get any recommendation from your friends; you can still read genuine reviews provided by people who have tested and compared many services. At our website, you will receive the guidance you need, so you can stay away from scamming companies and always order papers from prestigious writing services.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Do We Need Money to Be Happy?

When I think about the most important things in life, finances are not the first thing that comes to mind. However, money is certainly one of the crucial aspects associated to people’s wellbeing. Many people think that their current situation would be much more beneficial if they had more money, but the truth is that our society, which dictates trends associated to money, is making them more troubled than ever.

From the moment a person is born, money becomes an important part of his life. Financial wellbeing is everyone’s motivation for setting goals, studying, and becoming successful in the chosen career. Children’s goals and dreams are genuine, but become corrupted by the idea of money as they grow up. Jack London’s character Martin Eden can be observed from two perspectives: exemplary determination and persistence, or blind ambition that leads one’s moral values to an abyss. We live in a society that forces us to be strong in order to survive in the competitive job market. However, that fight does not makes people strong; it makes them distant from the true meaning of life.

All aspects of modern society have progressed. We live in bigger, busier, and louder cities and rely on technology to take care of the simplest daily tasks. However, the moral values and struggles of humanity remain unchanged. Women were trying to look beautiful for the purpose of marrying rich men since the ancient Roman Empire. Wealth has always been associated to prestige and power. Poor people have always had to obey and conform to the rules. As Martin Eden, they think that money would enable them to push the boundaries and achieve things they wouldn’t be able to experience in the current situation. However, the truth is that wealth puts us in chains we are not able to recognize.

All modern values are dependent upon money. People fantasize about being in someone else's shoes and benefiting from power, prestige, and high self-esteem. When we limit our inner aspirations to the financial effects they would have, we are no longer committed to realizing genuine dreams; we always want more no matter how much we achieve. Money are certainly important for people’s happiness because they serve as an acknowledgement of their success, but the constant desire to become richer has nothing to do with personal accomplishment. If the true inner values are not respected, the contentment we get from financial rewards fades away sooner than we expect.

People who are not overly attached to the money they earn are focused on personal growth, close relationships and health. They experience wellbeing in its essence, since prosperity and welfare are not essentially dependent upon finances. The attitude we have towards money is important about the way we experience and handle stress and resentment. As Maya Angelou said, “We need much less than we think we need.” In an ideal society, all professions would be rewarded with the same salary that would enable people to cover their basic needs. Such idealistic concept would enable everyone to focus on their uncorrupted dreams. Money should never be a precondition for happiness, regardless of the faulty standards our society has imposed.

Monday, October 6, 2014

How Criticism Influences Young Students

Even the most creative people wouldn’t realize how great their potential was without being challenged to become better. The safe environment of approval leads to mediocrity and conformity. One of the greatest responsibilities of a teacher is to critique the work and achievements of his students. However, there is a thin line between constructive and destructive criticism. When students are exposed to severe judgments, their self confidence is affected and they are not motivated to work harder.

Whiplash, a 2014 movie, is a great example of how tough criticism affects students. Andrew Nieman and other students were being pushed beyond their boundaries by Terrence Fletcher – a professor who has a good explanation behind his actions: no musician becomes a legend without being driven to the very limit. If someone gives up along the way, he didn’t have the potential of becoming exceptional. Criticism can be a very effective tool for unleashing someone’s real capacity. The key to a successful critique is realizing how much “tough love” the student can take without being personally offended.

Unfortunately, our teachers don’t care about the way we receive their comments. Instead of pushing students towards improvement, teachers force us to take a step back. We are not motivated to express our opinions when we know that we cannot expect approval. Most students understand when the teacher is criticizing them for performing below their potential. However, the problem is that many educators don’t realize that there is a thin line between constructive criticism and bullying.

When criticism is provided as a benevolent, non-threatening opinion, students are motivated to improve their work. Constructive criticism should not only offer an honest opinion about someone’s achievements, but tips and motivation for improvements as well. That’s the only way for students to understand that teachers don’t mean any harm. When criticism turns into bullying, it involves a direct attack over the student’s personal values and undermines his chances to succeed. Instead of discovering the next big talent, the only thing a teacher achieves through destructive criticism is an environment of fear and anxiety.

Before becoming a successful educator, one has to be a psychologist first. It’s hard for a young student not to take things personally when the teacher doesn’t limit his criticism to the work involved. Direct attacks never motivate us to become better; they push us back within the limits of mediocrity. As students, we don’t want to try hard and be noticed by such teachers; all we want is to stay inconspicuous.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Is Technology the Future of Education?

The educational system is an evolving category. Schools and teachers are constantly making changes in order to adapt to the skills and interests of students. Today, a student needs to obtain problem-solving skills and learn how to be a leader. Technology has been present in the classrooms for a long time, but today it’s the mere essence and goal of education. As different devices, apps and tools are taking over the role of a teacher, learners become dependent upon them. The direction students are pushed towards will result with asocial individuals who are not capable to come to their own conclusions through the process of introspection.

People like Salman Khan have become the epitome of a modern teacher, who can identify students’ needs and adjust his teaching methods accordingly. Distance learning is becoming a sustainable model of education that brings benefits for both students and educators. Technology provides effective solutions for the spatial distance, which is no longer an obstacle for teaching and learning. Thanks to technology, students are more motivated to participate in group projects. People living in isolated areas have an easy access to education. They can attend colleges from the comfort of their home without sacrificing the quality of knowledge they obtain.

The overall humanity has gained immense benefits through the implementation of technology in education. However, the automated access to information doesn’t come without its disadvantages. The main problem imposed by easy access to solutions is too much comfort. When a teacher assigns a certain projects, students no longer need to conduct a library research; all sources are easily available online. As a result, today’s learners develop inferior skills of analyzing, consideration, and introspection.

Although technology makes teamwork simpler even for socially anxious students, it has negative effects over the process of socialization. Today, people are dependent upon technology, not social contact. The basic skills, which were developed through traditional education, are difficult to obtain in the modern classroom. The solution is somewhere in the middle. Although technology has helped us achieve the purpose of education as a universal human right, the current model has to actualize some of the traditional teaching methods in order to become more effective.

When technology makes the educational process dull and impersonal, teachers have to make an effort to search for solutions that are not based on online tools, apps and tech devices. They need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students in order to find a method that’s effective for every type of learner.